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Simcoe Hops

Lately, it’s all about collecting data on the new hops. Shortage or no shortage, here’s another variety that was worth the half hour I took to research it. Let’s learn about Simcoe Hops, AKA Cascade on steroids*.

Origin: America (Pacific Northwest) – It was released by the Yakima Chief Ranches in the year 2000.

Aroma: Not that I know what a passionfruit smells like, but apparently Simcoe hops have a passionfruit aroma and flavor. Some sources claimed their aroma is fruity reminiscent of apricots while others stated they have a pronounced pine or woodsy aroma. Seems like there is a complexity here. Maybe the aroma swings from fruity to piney from year to year or maybe where the hops are added to the boil changes the aroma.

Alpha Acid: 12-14%

Typical Usage: Because of the high alpha acid, Simcoe works well for bittering. It can be used as an aroma hop too.

Beer Styles: IPA, Double IPA, American-style ale.

*They are mentioned in Canseco’s new book.

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  1. hoptical_allusions

    I didn’t realize Simcoes and Cascades were related, but I made a wickedly good Tripel-esque beer with them. I’m a big fan! I used 4 oz in semi-continuous hopping towards the last ~45 minutes of the boil, and it turned out less fruity and more herbal. Nonetheless, if I ever grow hops, those will be among the first planted.

  2. Not sure if they are technically related to Cascade hops…I tried looking for sources of what Simcoe is a hybrid of, but I could not find any.

    From my research, their flavor profile is similar to Cascade.

    Anyone else brew with this hop variety?

  3. Skyler

    Such a big fan of Double Mountain’s India Red Ale which is made with Simcoe and Brewer’s Gold. I am definitely putting large amounts of Simcoe in my next APA and IPA.

  4. MoMerrier

    AH… PASSIONFRUIT! That’s the heavy sweetness I got from my Sincoe Centennial batch I bottled this week. My first feeling was the pungent nose came across just like Blue Moon, which surprised me. Boiled and dry hopped with Simcoe just to get a good feel for the hop. While the aroma was srongly Blue Moonish, the flavor I got from my taste test was more bittter. Now at least I have a name for the nose other than fruity and sweet, it was indeed passion fruit. You can sample passion fuit in some of those kern’s beverage products.

  5. paul

    I used these in a Troeg’s Nugget Nectar inspired ale I brewed yesterday. I plan on trying to find some roots to plant, as they were incredible. The smell reminds me of grapefruit, though I can’t say I remember if I’ve ever had passion fruit.

  6. Byron

    I was able to meet the Carpenter Family (part owner of Yakima Chief) and get a bunch of these for a fresh hop IPA. I ended up using about 5-6 lbs of Simcoe. I brewed it and it turned out AMAZING. Beautiful aroma, beautiful flavor, just beautiful.

    I went to pour a tall one last night, to find out my keg had a leak. I lost 2-3 gallons, and will now have to wait another year to make any more. *sniff sniff* I wanted to cry. Not really, but seriously.

  7. Paul K

    I just bottled a batch of Sacred Cow IPA today. I used 2 oz. of Simcoe for a 10-day dry hop in the carboy. First time using these hops. The flavor of this beer is AMAZING! And it will only get better after it ages a few weeks.

  8. Paul K – That sounds great. Nice to see Simcoe Success!

  9. chuck

    I am looking for some simcoe hops rhizomes…can anyone direct me to locating some?


  10. Hi Chuck,

    I don’t think you can get Simcoe hop rhizomes since they are Yakima Chief trademarked variety.

  11. Simcoe is being used in a beer called “Heady Topper” from Vermont. Not sold in NJ. Some guys make the 5 hr trip to the brewery / cannery in Waterbury and bring back 10 cases. It feels so contrabandish! Heady Topper is amazing! Funny wording on the can as well. As soon as you pop the top the hightened hops fragrance is captivating. If you are within 10 hours from Waterbury drive there and get yourself some. Like me you will be Jonesin for Simcoe.

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