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Santiam Hops

Here’s a profile for another new variety of hops: Santiam Hops.

Santiam is the world’s first naturally seedless Tettnang-type hop. It’s a hybrid of German Tettnanger, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, and an American hop (Some sources say Cascade).

Origin: America – It was released by the Agricultural Research Service in Corvallis, OR. I am guessing the year was 1998.

Aroma: Resembles a Noble hop aroma. Herbal. Floral.

Alpha Acid: 5.5 – 7%

Typical Usage: For Aroma. Great replacement for German Tettnager hops.

Beer Styles: American Lagers, German Lagers and Ales, and Wheat beers.

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  1. Tom Kirkman

    Okay, where can I find some?

  2. Tom Kirkman

    Who sells these hops? Thanks.

  3. I did a quick search but couldn’t find any for sale today. You may need to keep searching for them.

  4. JoeBob

    Hophouse Sales from Oregon is selling them on eBay, search for the hops by name. I just ordered 4 other varieties and will let you know of there quality. All hops are 2008 crop.

  5. I ordered from the same place JoBob did….they were great quality.

  6. morebeer.com is the best online hombrew shop by far. they also have three locations in California – two in the SF Bay area and one in southern CA. they sell these hops along with most anything else you’re looking for.

  7. Hayden W

    Just made a German styled pils with only Santiam for FW, Flavor, and Aroma. They are awesome and provide a very Tett-like quality (herbal, earthy, and spicy) but with a slight (and by slight, I mean very low) lemon zest characteristic. I’m definitely going to use these again. Just my 2 cents

  8. Thanks Hayden W – always looking for 2 cents. Good notes.

  9. Scott

    Hayden W’s comment is interesting to me. Because of lager temperature control only brew lagers in winter, then try to make last the remainder of the year. Last winter I made a German pils and a Czech pils. Both turned out good but different. Used Hallertau US for aroma and flavor on German pils and Saaz on the Czech Pilsner.

    Intreagued with brewing at least three pilsners this coming year and one with only a U.S. Bred variety. Was considering Liberty and Mount Hood as options… Now considering brewing with entire Santiam hops with German style Pilsner. Hayden doesn’t say if he used it for Bittering hops or no. Appears to be dual purpose so could do it I think.

    (Interesting note – I live near the Santiam river here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley…the hop’s namesake, and have most my life).

  10. Hey Scott – If you can get your hands on Santiam, I would try to use them for all hop additions.

  11. Scott

    Hi John, just saw that you responded to my post! Would be good to get auto email with response (???) so know to look at your post.

    I ran out of ALL my home brew and so…since it is summer and not wanting to be constrained to only brewing lagers in winter, I have purchased and made a temp controlled fermentation vessel. Initially did a double batch of pale ale, fresh hop Cascade from my backyard, made with two different yeast strains. Ale will finish quicker than lager so that’s why I went that way with first batch. Not done yet…

    Next up is a German style pils, and I want to brew with Santiam hops. And yeah, I’m wanting to do a single hop beer to get the best feel for what it provides. One of my local Brewers from Albany, Oregon (Deluxe Brewing) uses Santiam hops in some of their beers. Stopped by a couple days after my initial post, 3 weeks or so back and talked to Howie, the owner / head brewer. He is very impressed with Santiam hops. He brought me into his freezer and opened up a bag of Santiam hops so I could smell them (Howie buys most of his hops from Indie Hops here in Oregon; glowing reviews of that company too!)… Whole leaf hops, not pellets. Great aroma! I am looking forward to brewing with it.

    Supposed to be easy to get Santiam hops at home brew shops. If I really had to, could probably buy some from Howie…but don’t want to take advantage of his kindness.

  12. Hey Scott – good idea about the email response to comments. I am looking into ways to implement that on the site.

    The German style pils sounds great. Let us know how it comes out.

    Howie is a good guy – We need to work on our outreach to the local brewing companies in our area.


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