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Falconer’s Flight Hops

What I have been seeing lately in catalogs and online are pellet hops that are special blends of different varieties. One of those blends is called Falconer’s Flight™ Hops.

After I read more about this blend, I learned that they are named after a homebrewer from Oregon named Glen Hay Falconer. He passed away in 2002 (there’s a non-profit organization named in his honor) and this blend was created to support his legacy.

Now, the exact varieties and the proportions in which they are used in this blend is proprietary, but there are a few named hops in it:

Citra Hops
Simcoe Hops
Sorachi Ace Hops

Here are the other vitals:

Origin: USA – Hopunion

Aroma/Flavor:  Citrus/grapefruit with fruity, spicy, and earthy

Alpha Acid: 9 – 11%

Typical Usage: Dual Purpose

Beer Styles: IPA or any beer style where you want to showcase hop flavor and aroma.





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  1. chris

    I personally avoid anything with sorachi ace in it.

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