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Here’s a site/service that may be helpful for you.  It’s called Beertest and Matt will analyze your beer for a number of different things:

  • Percent alcohol (ABV)
  • Bitterness (IBUs)
  • Fermentation by-products (diacetyl or fusel alcohols)
  • Color (SRM)
  • pH testing

Many of these tests would be interesting to me.  I might want to check out how my alcohol is really in my Imperial stout or how much fusel alcohols did I produce because my fermentation was too warm.

Check it his site here:  www.beertest.weebly.com

I have yet to use the service but I may want to send a sample of a barley wine over to him to check out a few things.




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  1. What no IBUs? Thats the real selling point for most brewers if he’s going to compete with Whitelabs testing service. And what about microbe contamination counts. Whitelabs does that too I believe.

  2. He does bitterness testing – I updated the post. I don’t see microbe contamination counts as a service.

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