A few weeks ago, we came up with the idea that people who watch us on YouTube and follow our blog could send us recipes to brew. We didn’t know what kind of response we would get but it was nice to see that it was positive. Now that we have too many recipes, here are our next steps.

We’re also color coordinated

Simple Idea – Simple Plan

I knew the idea of asking for viewer submitted recipes was simple. Where it gets tricky is how to choose which beer to brew. Thanks to a Microsoft Excel formula, I was able to pick one randomly. With that part simplified, we can get onto the simple part of brewing these beers.

First up, we have an extract NEIPA from Charlie Gillis. This recipe is a good one using DME and a variety of hops we know are tasty. We will have this beer ready to tasting sooner than you think.

Beyond The First Recipe

We plan to brew a submitted recipe every other month. The Jar of Destiny brewing schedule has us busy so we need to plan around it. The Jar takes priority – damn jar – but I think we can get a submitted recipe brew in the off months.

Thanks for reading. If you have questions, let us know.

Cheers and Brew on!