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Ultra Hops

Ultra hops are one of those varieties that were bred in the ’80s and released in the ’90s. It fits into the Mt. Hood, Liberty, and Crystal hops family which seem to me to be the varieties that were bred to grow here in the States as noble hop replacements. They have noble hop flavor and aroma qualities without the susceptibilities to pests and disease as the true noble hop varieties have.

Ultra hops were originally bred in 1983 and released in 1995. They were bred from:

  • Hallertauer Mittelfrüh
  • Saaz
  • Unknown (my favorite)

Here’s more stats on Ultra hops:

Origin: USA

Aroma/Flavor: Descriptions include: spicy, floral, fine, mild

Alpha Acid: 4.5 – 5.0%

Typical Usage: Aroma

Beer Styles: Because it is bred from noble hop varieties, it works in styles that call for noble hops. I am thinking pilsners and American wheats.


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  1. Does anyone know where to buy Ultra? I’ve been looking for Ultra hops for about a year now and as a Swedish homebrewer I don’t have that much knowledge of american hop retailers. All I know is that our supplier here in Sweden do not carry this variety.

  2. Paul B.

    I too have questions on this kind of hybrid only the one I can’t seem to find is eroica, it
    was in heavy production in the northwest from 92-96 only now it’s completely gone no production no rhizomes unable to get answer except that maybe it was unfriendly to mechanized picking.

  3. Seth P

    hopsdirect has a small amount.

  4. Thanks a lot! After over 2.5 years of waiting it has been found!!!!!!! Can’t thank you enough.

  5. Cory Ouellette

    If you are looking to grow ultra hops look up Great Lake Hops they sell hop crowns. I am not sure if they ship internationally or how much it would be to do so, however it is worth looking into. They offer ultra and a lot of other varieties.

  6. Thanks Cory – I think I am looking to grow a high-alpha, American hop.

  7. Pete

    Contact Al at Hop Heaven to locate Ultra. He has an eBay store. Top shelf stuff. I bought a few pounds from him last year. He gets a good variety.

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