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Crystal Hops

I like Crystal hops.  I wished they were named something different though.  My simple mind can’t stand hearing “crystal” and associating it with anything but malts.   I guess you could make a Crystal ale where all your specialty malts and hops were all named Crystal.  (Hmmm…note to self).  I didn’t know Crystal were a part of a 3 hop group like the 3 Cs (Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade).  I would have written the profiles together in a series.  Oh well.

Crystal was developed from German Hallertau (also Cascade, Brewer’s Gold, and Early Green) in 1983 to breed a replacement for this noble hop variety in America.   This program developed Mt. Hood and Liberty hops.  It was released 10 years later for commercial use (1993).

Origin: USA – Corvallis, OR

Aroma: Mild, Floral, spicier than Hallertau, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg.  More pungent that its sister hops Mt. Hood and Liberty.

Alpha Acid: 3.5 – 5.5%

Typical Usage: Aroma

Beer Styles: Pilsners, Other Light Lagers,  Light American Ales

Check out its sisters here:

Liberty Hops

Mt. Hood Hops

Also, I saw a lot of critiques of this variety on boards saying it was kinda weak.  I don’t think Crystal is supposed to help you with hoppy hoppy ales.  Use other hops if you are looking to brew a worthy IPA.


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  1. Steve Parkes

    Crystal is the signature aroma hop in Wolavers IPA. Sierra Nevada use it as an aroma hop in some of their beers as does North Coast brewing in Fort Bragg, and Hoppy brewing in Sacramento. It is both fruity and floral. I’ve been using it since before it had a name.

  2. NMS

    I believe Rogue’s Brutal Bitter, a very hoppy American IPA-esque take on an ESB, uses only Crystal hops

  3. Yes, I just read that Rogue’s Brutal Bitter is a single variety hopped beer and they use Crystal Hops.

  4. Joe Mo

    Ninkasi Total Domination IPA uses Crystal hops in with the big boys like Amarillo and Summit. Crystal can hang in an IPA.

  5. Ashley

    I used 1.5 oz Amarillo and 1.5 Crystal in the dry hop for a all-grain IPA. The nose at first kind of soapy but this faded after two weeks. Very nice peachy floral notes on the tongue now and I am just very impressed with this Crystal hop. Used it at flame out and for some bittering.

  6. Crystal is used at flameout in yummy Ithaca Cascazilla Red Ale. They also use Chinook for Bittering, late addition of Centennial and Cascade, and Cascade & Amarillo for dry hopping

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