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Beer and Food Pairings

The Brew Dudes attended a brewer’s dinner at the Cambridge Brewing Company last Saturday night.  It was tremendous feast of upscale food and tasty beers that explored the spectrum of styles.  Some beers they presented were off of their main list, but some were ones they have hiding in their cellar below the bar.

It brings up an interesting thought.  Are there homebrewers that regularly pair their beers with food?  Do you make dishes that will work well with the brew you just cracked open?

Maybe this is a subject for another blog.

By the By: If you live in the Boston area and love food and beer, check out one of the brewer’s dinners at CBC. They have them every 3 or 4 months and if the one they had on April 3rd is any indication, then they are a “must attend” for homebrewer and beer lover alike.


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  1. JW

    +1 on Cambridge Brewing Company.


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