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Summit Hops

Summit hops are a variety that I have wanted to profile for a long time.   They are new to the public and have very high AA percentatges.  They are appropriately named since they seem to be on the top of the bittering hop totem pole.

They are a dwarf variety, which means their cones extend to the ground. They can also thrive on a low-trellis system. They were first bred in 2003 by a group of hop farmers who call themselves “American Dwarf Hop Association (ADHA)” and they have joined to explore dwarf varieties like Summit.

Origin: USA – Yakima Valley – Washington State

Aroma/Flavor: Orange, tangerine, citrus notes – similar to Simcoe hops

Alpha Acid: 17.5% to 19.5%   Wow!

Typical Usage: Bittering…maybe dry hopping although some sources had mixed results.

Beer Styles: IPAs, Imperial IPAs…If you need strong hop flavor, might I suggest Summit?

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  1. Jackie

    Any chance Summit rhizomes will be available in the US this spring?

  2. Bill Paulson

    Am looking for a source for Summit Rhizomes. Anyone know where I could buy some? Thanks, bill

  3. Haven’t seen any yet.

  4. Just ordered my Summit rhizomes from willamettevalleyhops.com

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