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First Time All Grain Brewing Session

The stage is set for my first all grain brewing session.

It’s happening this Friday night.

We’ll have live coverage via Twitter and I will post videos as I make them to the site as soon as I can.

You can follow along or check back this week.

We’re brewing up this Pale Ale.  Calling it the Chelmsforder.

Stay tuned.

Brew On.


Summit Hops


Chelmsford Pale Ale Shopping List


  1. Sweet! Good luck. Hey did you ever think of using http://USTream.tv to broadcast. Tried it once while I was over at The Brew Lounge. We had like 5 people watching…whoohoo! 😉

    I’m almost ready for all grain BTW.

  2. Cool. I’ll try stopping in to check it out!

  3. Hi Adam,

    Never tried using the USTream site before. I may check it out for next time.

    Hey Scott,

    Drop on by. Should be interesting.

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