It’s been a while since we have exchanged beers with anyone outside of our dyad but this week, we got some beer from Brent in Missouri that he wanted to share. He sent us two beers and we tried his American Cream Ale since we think we know a thing or two about the style. In this video, we taste his beer and discuss the things we like and some thoughts about adjusting for next time.

Tasting Notes

This video marks the first time in a while that we’re back together again in the same frame. Hey, being outside in the evening and drinking homebrew is one of life’s simple pleasures – even during a pandemic.

Brent shipped us a couple of his beers. One was a Saison-y thang and the other was an American Cream Ale. These two beers were his first attempts at all grain batches.

We decided to taste the cream ale since that was the style we feel like we have brewed the most and feel confident on our knowledge of the style.

His beer was great – its clarity was outstanding for a beer that traveled halfway across the country. The color was in line with our expectation – a straw color that you’d expect from the malt he used.

Lastly, the taste had soft malt qualities of a pilsner with some of the fruitiness of an ale. We felt the hop character needed a boost and the amount of flaked maize in the recipe needed to be pulled back.

Overall, this beer was great and one that Mike would enjoy in large quantities. For his 20th or so fermentation, Brent hit the mark well.

Cheers and brew on!