Back in the summer, we brewed a beer and it was a collaboration with Oregon Fruit and North Country Group. We were trying to meet up with Elliot but we couldn’t get it going on our end. With a keg full of Gose and our ever-demanding production schedule, we present to you this Peach and Passionfruit, Kettle Soured, Gose Tasting Video (phew):

Our Gose Tasting Notes

Certainly the fruit flavors hit the mark. The purees were a great addition and came though the final beer with vigor. The salt was also present and made for a nice added element to the fruit additions. Lastly, the sourness was in the right place to shape the entire flavor profile of this beer.

Our heartfelt appreciation for this collaboration goes out to Elliot and Justin as they provided us with the ingredients for the recipe and the fermentor.

Let us know your thoughts on kettle souring and gose beer brewing.