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RV Water Filter For Homebrewing

I have written about water filters for homebrewing before and I have thought about building one.  One reader left a comment on a previous post about getting a water filter that is made for recreational vehicles or RVs.

The best part about this kind of water filter is that it has garden hose sized hookups, which is the size I have on my utility sink.

I found a good one on the Ace Hardware website, but instead of ordering it online and paying for shipping and hoping that it made it to my house in time for the brew session on Sunday, I called the store near my house to see if they had it in stock.

They didn’t…but the guy on the other end of the phone said he could order for me and have it shipped to the store by Thursday.

I said, “Awesome.”

We’ll see how much of a difference it makes.


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  1. Ed

    How did this work for you?

  2. Hi Ed,

    I am pretty happy with it. I can taste a difference between water out of my tap and water filtered through this device. I have used it for every brew since.

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