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Lager Yeast Starters

I was reading up on the temperature for lager yeast starters in Brewing Classic Styles.  I was surprised to read that the recommended temperature range was 65°F to 75°F for both ale and lager yeast starters.

I guess lager yeast reproduces more rapidly at the warmer temperatures.  Something tells me I should be very careful to siphon off as much of the starter beer as possible before I introduce the Rauchbier wort.

I was going to kick off the starter tonight but heavy rains have changed my plans.


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  1. Yeast growth and yeast fermentation are two different biochemical processes. Both ale and lager yeast grow best at 85-95F. Growth is the point of a starter culture. Proper fermentation temps are crucial for proper fermentation flavor development. Thats where the fermentation range comes in to play.

    I’d be sure your starter is completely fermented out first, cold crash for a couple days, then you are good to go pitching on the slurry.

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