Mike thinks his tap water has a lot of chlorine aroma and flavor in it. Since I live a block away from him, that means my tap water has it too. Let’s learn from this video about how one can combat this issue by adding a Campden tablet to the water.

Some People Are More Sensitive To It

So Mike set up a triangle test with three glasses of water. Two of them were plain tap water out of his faucet with one of them treated with a Campden tablet.

I tried but I could not taste or smell the difference between the regular water and the treated water.

Mike says he smelled a noticeable chlorine scent out of his tap recently. Because of this recent occurrence, he has started to treat all the tap water he uses in his brewing with a Campden tablet.

The one thing I learned from Mike is that the tablet treats the water as soon as it is added which is great.

Treat your water and Brew ON!