Mike brewed this beer that we used to called Hefeweizen. Now, if you look at the official BJCP category, it’s known as German Style Weissbier. Mike and I have had some Hefeweizens in our time. We have enjoyed them on summer afternoons at a German style restaurant and brewed them from time to time. We taste his recent version of the beer and talk about how to brew them well.

Here Are The Tips

  1. Use a grain bill that showcases the wheat (50% of base malt)
  2. Use a proper Hefeweizen yeast strain
  3. German hops are standard for the style. Use them!
  4. Dial in your fermentation temperature – different temperatures produce different flavors in the beer
  5. You can add a step in your mash schedule to aid in the hydrolysis of ferulic acid which the yeast use to make clove-like flavor

However you like it, add a hefe to your brew schedule in the summer months and you won’t be sorry.