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Rauchbier Brew Day

Well, you couldn’t ask for a better brew day than today. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.


Rauchbier Brew Day

There was a little chill in the air when we got started ~10AM but the sun was bright and warm still.

I bought the RV water filter this week and used it for the first time with this brew:


RV Water Filter

We got the grains together including the smoked malt and some munich malt:


Munich Malt


I did a single infusion mash and was able to keep the temperature around 154°F for the whole hour. After the mash, we got to the boil right away.


Rauchbier boil

Since Rauchbier is basically an Oktoberfest with some smoked malt in it, it had a nice amber color. We popped open a beer while the boil was going.

Pom red ale bottle

It was a bottle of the pomegranate red ale. Yep, still tastes experimental.   After the boil was done, we had to chill it down to lager fermentation temperatures.  With a wort chiller and a kiddie pool, we got close….to around 52°F.

Wort Chilling

I think I will stay with brewing lagers in the dead of winter or until I get a better wort chilling solution.  It took a long time to get this beer down (close) to the temperature I wanted it to be.  It’s in the fridge for the next two weeks.  We shall see how things progress.




Lager Yeast Sulfur Notes


  1. And no sparge issues I take it???

  2. Yep, we didn’t have any sparge issues. I let the mash tun drain very slowly for each batch. Nothing got stuck.

  3. platypotamus

    excellent. glad to see the RV water filter worked out for you, too.

  4. Yes! Thanks for the tip!

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