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Lager Yeast Sulfur Notes

Man, the rotten egg stinky smells coming off this rauchbier in the first few days of fermentation are enough to melt your face.  My wife noticed them when the starter was going.  She thought the toilet had backed up.

Thankfully, the fermenter is in the fridge and the closed door is keeping the smell in.

I used this strain (WLP 830) before for my Maibock and it was a little sulfur-y but not like this…  It’s really strong this time around.

This morning, it seemed to be less pungent as the day before, so I think we’re getting past the real smelly phase.


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  1. Chris

    Hey Brew Dudes. Nice site. I just read your Blonde Ale post. I made a blonde ale the same day. I am back to making ales since my lagers smell and taste like sulfur. They say it will go away in time, but I really don’t think it is worth putting away two kegs of lager for months on end. Anyway, good luck with your lager.

  2. Any smoke aromas coming off of this beer yet?

  3. Nothing yet. The sulfur smells have died down to just notes- pleasant notes.

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