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Rauchbier Brew Date

I have a brew date for the Rauchbier – October 10.

As I mentioned before, I am going to make a 3 gallon starter – basically a ferment a small beer first, siphon it off, and then pour the Rauchbier wort on top of the yeast bed in the fermenter.

The other idea I was thinking about is decoction mashing.  Do you think it’s –

A) Worth doing?

B) Can be done effectively via a batch sparging method?

If I have time, I will also get a cheap water filteration system going.  I would like to buy a shower head filter to hook up to my utility sink in my basement and use it to brew.

I like planning stuff or at least thinking about it.  At some point it becomes counterproductive to do too much in one brew session.


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  1. mmmm… Rauchbier.

    check into carbon RV water filters – they’re super cheap, quick-flow, and you just hook them up in-line with a drinking water hose.

  2. Hey platpotamus,

    That’s a really good idea. I was searching around – just need to see if my local hardware shop has one.

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