The last of the homegrown hop brewed beers from the 2019 harvest, this beer is a pilsner with homegrown Magnum hops. The hops used in this beer come from the plant I have had the longest. I have used these hops in other beers in the past and I have like the performance. Let’s see how this crop did in this beer:

Tasting Notes

So what kind of beer comes out of a grain bill of 10 pounds of pilsner malt, 6 ounces of Magnum hops (2 ounces at 60 minutes, 15 minutes, and flame out) and a packet of Safale 34/70? A pretty good one.

I followed a traditional lager fermentation procedure at a temperature of 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) and let it condition at near freezing temperatures for six weeks. To clarify the beer even more, I used gelatin and let it site for 2 days before I kegged the beer.

The hops bring a clean bittering note to the beer. The flavor is one note – it makes for a “beer tasting beer”. There is no fruitiness or other hop derived flavors that you get from other hops. These Magnum hops are noble=esque. There isn’t much to the hop aroma either.

There was a nice soft malt notes but the thing we noted mostly was the yeast notes. This yeast strain provides some non-lager characteristics that we didn’t think we’re optimal. We’re planning to use a different strain and treat our water to get the crispness we want in these types of lager beers.