Way back in the day, Mike brewed a SMaSH beer with Noble hops. We drank it on camera and we didn’t have much to say about it outside of it tasting and smelling hoppy. Well, we understood that wasn’t very helpful and decided we needed to taste SMaSH beers side by side to describe the difference. Here we are with a SMaSH Beer Showdown. Watch this video to learn more about the subtle differences between Hallertau and Tettnang.

What Were Those Differences?

I’ll tell ya – I love Hallertau. The balance of floral and spicy can’t be beat. I grew up with that variety with Sam Adams Lager and still use it as my go-to hop for all my lagers. I know some homebrewers are big fans of Tettnang. In this comparison, it didn’t have as much floral notes in it as the Hallertau but had a stronger bitterness. The Tettnang was a little more refined in its flavor profile.

Let us know what you think of these noble hops! What’s your favorite of the two?