Although we received a prototype of this product a while ago, it was great to get the official product so we could unbox it here. Take a look at the sleek look of the PLAATO Keg Management System.

Unboxing And Review

The final device has a nice smooth outer covering. The prototype that we got was a 3D printed job, sealed together with some strong epoxy. The USB connector was also given a better placement to make it easier to maintain contact when inside your fridge or kegerator.

I really like the PLAATO guys and their products. The app works with the airlock and now the Keg Management System. This device not only measures how much beer is in your keg but also the ambient temperature of where you’re storing your keg. Yeah, you could build your own. Maybe you feel like buying gadgets like these is a waste of money. Sometimes, you buy things because of the cool factor. No matter. If you’re into homebrewing tech, check out the stuff from PLAATO.

Brew On!