We got a new tap to install on the old fridge door. This is a forward sealing faucet, which is, as you probably can guess, is different from a rear sealing faucet. Mike takes us through a demonstration of this tap versus his regular tap and then disassembles each tap to showcase the differences. Watch this video for all the details!

How Well Does It Work?

The first thing Mike wanted to show off was how effortlessly it was for him to pour beer from his NUKATAP. Because of the forward sealing design, there wasn’t any stickiness that other taps have, especially when they haven’t been used in a while. He showed how a pull from the tap was easy and a pull from his regular tap was as easy. He needed more effort to get the beer to flow.

What Do The Insides Look Like?

By taking the faucets apart, Mike was able to show in great detail the difference between the two tap design. Looking at the rear sealing tap first, he show why beer can gum up the mechanism of the tap because of where the seal sits. The rear sealing tap has more contact with the beer as it opens and closes. The NUKATAP does not have this contact so the mechanism doesn’t get stuck as the real sealing tap does.

Final Thoughts

Mike has been using the NUKATAP for a few weeks now. He’s thoroughly impressed with it. He finds the flow is better and the tap has less residue when he clean it out. Big thanks to the team at Kegland for sending it along to us.