These Brew Dudes are always looking for great resources for our audience and ourselves. When OliveNation reached out to us, we asked for a few different flavorings for a brew in the near future and something for next summer (if we make it to next summer). Check out this video about this home state provider of flavorings, extracts, and special ingredients for your brewing adventures.

What Flavorings Do You Need?

So, I had an idea for a big stout. Looking at their site, I picked up a few things that I thought would work well with the style. They didn’t have cacao nibs in stock, so I got the next best thing and got a couple of bags of black cocoa powder.

OliveNation Blommer Jet Black Cocoa Powder

Along with the cocoa powder, I thought vanilla beans would be a good addition. They had some commercial grade vanilla beans – so I got those. Only the best for my beer, right. They came in a nice vacuumed sealed packet.

OliveNation Madagascar Commercial Vanilla Beans

Lastly, I saw they had a clear cherry extract so I got a bottle. That ingredient will be used in a future brew so you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

OliveNation Premium Cherry Extract

Check out what OliveNation has to offer here: and use the coupon code: BD20

Hope you enjoy their offerings – as always, Brew ON!