In the spirit of holidays past and brewing special beers for the season, Mike presents his 2020 entry. When explaining his thought process behind this ale, he notes that holiday beers are either big (high in alcohol) or weird. Mike’s beer sits comfortably in the latter category. Learn more about this sweet potato holiday beer!

Brewing With Sweet Potatoes

Mike took us through his process of baking the potatoes in his oven and mashing them up to add to his brew. He likes to working with these vegetables since they add the same qualities to the beer like pumpkin does, but they aren’t pumpkins. They are just enough different to make the beer weird for the holidays.

Tasting Notes

The last time I tasted Mike’s sweet potato beer, the body was a little thin. This time around, it had much more body and we think it had to do with the yeast choice. The English yeast strain that Mike used didn’t ferment the beer as completely as the American strain he used in the past. The beer was enjoyable with just a hint of some special ingredient in there.

To make the beer more holiday festive, Mike made a spice tincture to add to our pints. With just a few drops of the tincture (cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg, and cloves soaked in some vodka), the Sweet Potato beer became a spiced ale. By adding our own spice, we could customize our flavor experience to our own level.

A holiday ale with a bit of tuber – a weird beer to end a weird year.