Mike, in his ongoing pursuit of brewing an excellent Oatmeal Stout, changes a few things for this latest iteration of his beer. The first big change was altering his brewing process and eliminate the sparge step. We talked about that at length. The second change was an ingredient substitution where he used Midnight Wheat. See what these two dudes drinking stout had to say about this no sparge Oatmeal Stout brewed with Midnight Wheat.

Our Hot Takes

First off, Mike’s stouts are pretty great. He would need to do something drastic to alter the taste of his beer for me to give it a negative review.

The no sparge technique that he followed for this beer didn’t alter his beer negatively, I can tell you that. Without having a similar beer that he brewed with a sparge step for comparison, I can’t say how much the no sparging affected the flavor. It save Mike some time, and that always tastes good.

The Midnight Wheat was a good change. It brought the right color to the stout and the flavor didn’t have any of the ashy bitterness that roasted barley can impart. I am sold on that ingredient and will try it out again.

What say you? What’s your take on a no sparge method? What is your experience with Midnight Wheat. Answer below as a comment.