As a part of our series of post and videos exploring hops, we brewed a SMaSH beer with Triumph hops. Here is our thoughts about this American hop variety.

Our Triumph Hops Thoughts

Like most of our SMaSH beers, the batch size was one gallon using only American pale malt. The hops were added late in the boil and during fermentation as a dry hop.

The aroma on this beer was reminiscent of Apple Jacks. It was fruity but we were not quite clear about what fruit it was. The flavors were pretty subtle and delicate in nature. Triumph hops did not unleash an overpowering assault on the senses. We needed to take time to better understand this hop.

The lineage of this hop is one of Noble and American varieties. I felt there was a lingering spiciness that reminded me of Hallertau. Altogether, the flavor profile was faint.

We drew a comparison to Barbe Rouge hops since we felt that hop was similar in its muted profile. In the end, we felt the French hop was bolder and that Triumph hops would not be as easy to pick out from a combination of hops.

Try Triumph hops out but be warned of its delicate nature. Maybe larger quantities really bring out more of the profile from this variety.