Just like Barbe Rouge, we try another French hop variety. This time, it’s Elixir hops. We have been hearing so much about these hops from France, but we don’t know if they are any good. Watch this video for our hot takes on this hop.

What An Interesting Profile

First off, this hop is a low level alpha acid variety, around 5.5%. I probably should have added more to the beginning of the boil as I typically do with these types of hops, but I didn’t. Maybe next time.

Elixir hops have some interesting descriptors that include Cognac, tobacco, and leather with some fruit notes. Mike thought there were notes that were difficult to identify. He stated it seemed to have an savory or umami flavor type component to it that was hard to describe.

There was some fruit character in the flavor that fell in the citrus-range. John identified the fruit to be ruby red grapefruit in character where Mike found the citrus component to be more orange maybe Kumquat like.

A peculiar hop for sure. This hop would be good in a saison or another farmhouse beer style where you’re looking to bring out an earthly quality in the beer from the hops.

Have fun trying this one out. Brew ON!