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Munich Dunkel Recipe

Munich Dunkel Recipe

10lbs  Munich Malt (10L)
2.5lbs Pilsner Malt (2L)
0.25lb Carafa Special II (430L)
0.5oz Magnum (14%AA) FWH
0.5oz Tettnang (4.5%AA) 20min
0.5oz Tettnang (4.5%AA) 5min
WLP830 German Lager (repitched from Munich Helles)

EST OG 1.050
EST Color 16 RM

Pitch slurry of yeast at 48F.
Let free rise to 52F and hold for 21days.
Cold lager for 4-8weeks


Traditional Munich Dunkel Recipes can be found using 100% Munich Malt.  Here I lighten it up with ~20% Pilsner malt.


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  1. chris

    Decoction or not? If not then sneak some melanoidin malt in, maybe 1/2 pound in the mash replacing 1/2 pound of the munich. Fabulous.

  2. No decoction on this batch. I just made a Munich Helles with a bit of melanoidin in it and it is pretty nice. However in a beer with so much Munich malt I am not sure how much of a difference some melanoidin would give. I’d have to try it side by side. Thought provoking suggestion.

  3. chris

    I have recently become addicted to using melanoidin malt. It makes those german malt flavours sing.

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