Another brew night and another threat of rain.  I put up the trusty tarp to keep rain water from falling on my head and into my brew kettle.  It turned out that the rain didn’t start falling until after the wort was in the fermentor.

Fairly easy beer to brew.  I only had to measure ingredients a half pound here, a half ounce there, and a couple ounces over there.  The rest was in pound increments which Northern Brewer measured for me already.

Hit the mash temp of 152°F without any need of adjustment.  In the summer air, the grain and the cooler are pretty warm so my strike temperature of 163°F was perfect.

The boil went well (maybe a small boil over here and there) and remembered to put in a small amount of irish moss this time.

Vienna Lager Brew Day

I chilled it down as low as I could get in an hour, then racked it to the clean, sanitized fermentor, stopped it with a bung and airlock, and put it in the fridge.  The next day, the wort was sitting there at 50°F so I aerated for an hour and then pitched my yeast from the WLP830 slurry that Mike collected from his Munich lager.