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Calypso Hops

I am always on the lookout for new hop varieties to use for homebrewing. With the help of a little search engine known as Goggle or something like that, I find information from different sources and try my best to compile them all into a full profile. In the past, I would just write it up but now if I find ones that I don’t think are widely available – I’ll wait untill I see them for sale somewhere.

Also, if I see that people reading our site are searching for a specific variety we haven’t written a post for it, I’ll get on my research cap and start compiling and writing.

We got a bunch of searches for Calypso hops over the past few months, so here is the profile.

From the Hopsteiner.com site, it appears they were bred by them and they are a cross between a couple of their own male/female hop varieties (the male one was derived from Nugget) and another non-branded hop variety known as USDA 19058m. Release year was 2011.

Now for the round up of other points of interest:

Origin: USA

Aroma/Flavor: Hints of pear and apple, some say lemon lime – Meyer lemon, notes of earthly tea, pleasant

Alpha Acid: 12 to 14%

Typical Usage: The official site has it down as a dual purpose hop.

Beer Styles: Saison? IPA? Maybe try a single hop pale ale and see if you like them.

We brewed with this variety in our SMaSH beer series. Check our Calypso beer tasting notes here.


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  1. Sounds interesting. Will you dudes brew a single hop ale to test out these new varieties? Some first hand experience with them would be great.

  2. We could that…maybe a small batch (3 gallons) just to try them out.

  3. Mike

    I’m sitting on 4oz of Calypso and have been trying to decide how to use them. From what I’ve read on some of the brewing forums, people are reporting getting more of the grassy flavors and less of the apple and pear flavors.

  4. Mark Goodwin

    Much welcomed variation on most American IPAs (where it seems to be found) – Combine with MOSAIC for best results!

  5. Absolutely – Thanks Mark!

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