We live in incredible times for hops. More varieties every year with different characteristics. Here’s another SMASH beer review. This time, it’s a Jester Hops SMASH!

As with all our SMaSH beers, our hop additions follow this schedule:

Added with 60 minutes left in the boil
Added with 15 minutes left in the boil
Added at flame out
Added as a dry hop with 4 days left to go in primary fermenation

Jester hops may very well be the most pronounced example of terroir on hop growing I have ever experienced. This hop is unique.

Pungent aroma of green onion, earth, maybe even some jalapeño and the flavor is more of the same. I detected a little lemon in the flavor that maybe I could then pick out of the aroma.

A very interesting hop. This is also an example of where SMASH brewing can be sort of unfair to an otherwise good hop. These Jester hops could certainly be a great base to build on. It would give a very different earthy base to a Noble hopped beer. I could even see it being flexible to serve as a base underneath some super dank resinous hops in a big American IPA.

Special thanks to Stocks Farm in the UK for sending these out to us. We love experimenting with new stuff and then telling you about it.

Please check Stocks Farm at: Stocks Farm
When we take the Brew Dudes world tour, we’ll have to give them a visit!!


To read more about Jester hops and how they were delivered to us, read our profile post here: