The Thirst Friend ChillRod Supreme is an innovative way of keeping your cold beer colder longer. We received one set of these rods in the mail and decided to give it a go on John’s last two bottles of Harvest Lager.

The basic premise with these rods is that you freeze them for at least 40 minutes. They get inserted right into a bottle of beer (after taking one generous swallow to make room for the ChillRod Supreme). At the top of the rod is a larger bottle like opening made of stainless steel. You drink from the bottle as normal.

IT wasn’t clear to us via the packaging whether the rods were meant to chill warm beer as it passed through or they simply enhanced or maintained the chilled beer experience of already cold beer. Or fun first trial with these chill rods clearly favored the latter. Cold beer, big sip, insert the chill rod and drink as normal without the beer getting warm as fast.

I normally drink from a glass as I am sure many beer connoisseurs do. But when I do drink from a bottle its always been a set back that your warm hand warms the beer as you hold the bottle. I guess you could grip it by the long neck, but what if you are drinking form stubbies??? Craft beer in the can is becoming more and more prevalent and I have plenty of beer-coozies to keep as cold but none for bottles.

Thirst Friend ChillRod Supreme certainly picks up the slack there and has the potential for keeping beer colder longer when drinking from the bottle.

Thanks for Thirst Friend for looking us up and sending us a couple samples.
Please stop by their website for more information and order info.