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English Ale Yeast Triangle Test

Last week we did a blind triangle taste test comparing one wort and two yeasts. Those yeasts were the two most used classics in the White Labs catalog. This week we do it again comparing English yeast to English yeast.

John didn’t think he’s ever had a beer brewed with Wyeast’s 1028 London ale yeast. I am sure he has as he’s been drinking my beer for years. I know I’ve used it a handful of times but I’ve just never really announced it when sharing beers.

Admittedly, I use White Labs 90% of the time whe I brew. I’ve become quite comfortable with the White Labs catalog and line up. I think knowing what the general catalog is for on company makes it easy to switch things up when you LHBS doesn’t have the yeast you are looking for. I can make a pretty good guess of what else to use if I don’t see my first pick in the store fridge.

WLP002 and WY1028 should be pretty close in character. But supposedly they are not the same strain. So running the side by side was something I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

It was difficult to pick the right pair in the triangle test. It was like splitting hairs. In the end I think the WY1028 was a but fruitier and the WLP001 was a tad maltier. Both seemed to have comparable bitterness. From a technical ote the WY1028 finished 2 specific gravity points high thatn the WLP001. Maybe this drove the fruitier finish.

Not sure if I can make any real choices between using one over the other. There are several other English strains out there as well. A bigger side by side line up maybe needed to help choose a favorite house English Yeast.

Do you have a favorite English strain? Tell us about it in the comments.

Cheers. Brew on!!!


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  1. I used to be a huge 1968 london ESB fan, which is supposedly 002, or s04. I’ve recently tried wy1318 in an IPA, and am now sold. My new house strain. Very fruity, but it actually dried it out. Big fan.

  2. Thanks Aaron – I am looking for a strain to make a really great ESB. I know the exact profile I want – I just need to find the strain that will get me there.

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