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Young Hops Vines

I planted my hops rhizomes last week and the little sucker has started to sprout some vines:


Young Hops Vines


We had a few warm sunny days last week and I have been watering the ground frequently. Not bad for one week.

Now, if it can survive the frost tonight (I have it covered…literally), then we should be ok for the rest of the summer.

Full disclosure: I do not have a green thumb. We’ll see if I can keep this plant alive.


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  1. excellent. what type of hops? I have a couple of sprouts growing as well ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/75742922@N00/tags/hops/show/

  2. Magnum hops. Looks like it survived the frost last night too…
    It’s the first year so I don’t expect much. I am hoping to get it through the summer without killing it.

    Looks like you have quite the brewer’s garden. Very cool.

  3. CarlF

    I live in Green Bay WI and never cover my hops plants – they are very hardy. I planted mine 3 years ago (Mt. Hood) and today they reached the underside of the eve of my house – on the second story! Mine grow about 2-3 inches per day. Be sure to provide some twine or some way for the vine to climb.

    Best of luck.

  4. Nice garden indeed thanks for the link to the pics.
    Will you transplant those potted rhizomes eventually? Just an FYI, I had a cascade and a willamette in very large pots a few years back. They did OK the first two years, then they just didn’t come back at all the third. Not sure if its related to the potting or not. But what little info I’ve read, they’ll do better long term in the ground.

  5. Deji

    Hey nice picture of your hops you have there, I currently have three varieties planted, so far three have sprouted, my cascade, magnum and goldings. Hops are very hardy as previous posters have mentioned, I’m up here in Canada and mine seem to be doing fine.

  6. Yeah, I am being overcautious with the first year planting these things and also I am just a bad gardener. I have a hard time growing grass (Fescue); I am trying not to mess up the hops.

  7. Ben

    Great idea growing your own hops. I plan to put them in next year’s garden

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