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Honey Wheat Ale Bottling Day

Well, Mike and I bottled up half of the honey wheat ale last night and racked the other half onto a gallon of honey water goodness (1.5 pounds of honey in one gallon of water heated at 170F for 30 minutes -cooled to fermentation temperatures).

These photos will tell a better story:

Bottles and siphon ready to go

Honey Wheat Bottling

Opening up the fermentation bucket

Cracking the fermentation bucket open

Racking to the bottling bucket

Racking To Bottling Bucket

Sanitized carboy ready for the second half

Sanitized Carboy

Finished bottles.

Full bottles


Old Danish Braggot

Krausen in the carboy (24 hours later)

Secondary Krausen

In two weeks, we’ll know how the original beer came out.  In 4 weeks (and many weeks after that) we’ll see how the experiment came out.

If you would like to follow along with this brew session, check out these links:

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  1. The new Krausen looks great. Its a good sign that its that healthy so soon after the addition. Now I am excited!
    BREW ON!

  2. Patrick

    Where are the results of the experiment?

  3. Read more about the outcome of the experiment here: https://www.brew-dudes.com/honey-wheat-ale-comparison/576

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