As this beer exchange series continues, we find ourselves with a bottle of Marzen in front of us. Watch this video as we examine the experience of this homebrewed lager from Matt of The Wrecked Brewery out of South Carolina.

Our Thoughts

This Marzen killed it on the malt profile. The flavor was rich and really showcase itself on the aroma too. The base was Pilsner but the character malts included Munich II, Caramunich, and Vienna.

For the hops, Matt went nouveau and used Ella and Huell Melon. It was a bit of a shake up from the typical spicy hop background, but it worked. It brought the maltiness of the beer out even more.

There were no flaws in this beer. It was brewed and packaged well and we were honored to try it out. Thanks for shipping it up to us.

Thanks for watching and reading. We appreciate your support.

Brew ON!