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For this month’s installment of the monthly blogging event known as Fermentation Friday, Rob from PFIFF! wants to know:

What beers have you attempted to duplicate in your own homes, or which ones have you always wanted to reproduce, but have been wary of attempting?

From digging in the archives, we do have a few clone recipes that we would like to share. One is an Allagash White Clone recipe.  We would appreciate any feedback on it as this beer is a favorite of ours and to replicate from home would be, well, clone-tastic.

The other one is a feeble attempt at a Spaten Optimator Clone recipe.  After finding some online information and asking the readers for some tips, I (John) put that extract recipe together.   I haven’t attempted it.  I am definitely wary of it.  With a little reassurance, I will brew it this winter.

Love to get comments on either of the recipes.  We are here to learn and do.  Learn and do.


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  1. I did a Spaten Optimator Clone, it turned out finishing too sweet. I also did a Three Floyds Alpha King Clone, which I called Omega King. It was excellent–it won first place in the IPA category of the B.U.Z.Z. Brewoff this year. I also did a Negra Modelo Clone, using rice as the adjunct instead of corn. It’s currently lagering, so I’ve only taken an early taste; it seems too light both in body and color to be confused with Negra Modelo. It’s a tasty beer though–kind of like Vienna Lager light.

  2. Aaron

    Don’t you brew AG now? I would definitely scrap the extract on a beer like this, where there’s nothing to hide if the malt flavor isn’t right.

    1.5 lbs of crystal seems like way too much, in my opinion. Doppelbocks get their sweetness more from a lower hopping rate than from, y’know, actual residual sweetness.

  3. Yeah, I think I am going to have to trial and error this thing.

    Aaron, you are right. I need to go back to the drawing board and make it all grain and mess with the malts a bit.

  4. Mark

    Found a clone for Arrogant Bastard in Zymurgy, 2011. Ended up somewhat like a Porter and I thought I’d use it as a “base” for a Stout. Used the main ingredients, partial mash, and added some Chocolate Malt and damn if it didn’t come out as “Imperial Stout” ABJC guidelines, 14-F! Close to Old Rasputin to boot. If you like Stouts give this a try…..by the way it’s 9.4%ABV.

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