Mike gets busy. He has a lot to do. One of the things on his list is brewing beer. Sometimes other things take priority, which leaves less time for brewing. If you’re like Mike, you find solutions to life’s challenges. One solution is to brew a fermented alcoholic beverage that takes a fraction of the time of brewing beer. Cider is one of those beverages. If you have 30 minutes of time, you too can make cider and make a specialty on at that. Watch this video to learn more about Mike’s Maple Syrup-Infused Cider!

How Easy Is It To Make?

When I make cider, most of my time is spent buying ingredients. I find fresh, local pressed apple juice is the best for the cider I make. Bring that juice to room temperature and add it to your clean, sanitized carboy. Pitch the yeast of your choice and let it ride. In a few weeks, you’ll have a nice beverage to serve to you and your friends.

What Was In That Cider Anyway?

Here’s Mike simple recipe:

4 US gallons (15 Liter) of fresh pressed apple juice

1 quart (946 mL) of maple syrup

Pitched an English Ale yeast and let it ferment at room temperatures for about a week.

Let it condition for another week and then kegged/carbonated it

Maple Syrup-Infused Cider Tasting Notes

The cider has a strong apple aroma. The qualities of the juice are present during that first whiff. I have had homemade ciders in the past where the apple aromas where scrubbed out by the yeast, so detecting the apple properties is always nice.

The addition of maple syrup gave us a hint of earthy tree sap. With the sweetness removed by the yeast, all we had left were the notes from the syrup’s boiling process and the essence of the tree.

This cider is a great Autumn beverage. The addition of maple syrup brings just a small hint of the colored leaves falling down from the trees. Taste the season!

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