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Weldless Ball Valve Fittings

If you have ever wanted to put together your own weldless valve set-up into a cooler, pot or keg I’ve got a list of parts you need.  Rather than buy a weldless valve set up from a supplier you can get the parts yourself and maybe save a couple bucks. If you are just a total DIY type of brewer, this list should help you out.

You can get these from McMaster-Carr at http://www.mcmaster.com/ .

4464K214 Stainless Steel Full Coupling 1/2″
4830K171 Stainless Steel Close Nipple, Full Thread 1/2″
98126A797 Stainless Steel Washers 1/2″ (pk of 10)
9396K32 Silicone O-Rings (pack of 50)
4429K124 Locknut, Brass 1/2″
4190K22 Brass Ball Valve 1/2″ Full Port

This set up will give you what you need to put a valve on a cooler, keg or pot.
The only unfortunate part of ordering some of this from McMasterCarr is that you have to get a 50 pack of washers.
But maybe you can trade with some friends, or you’ll have a life time supply if you need to replace one later.


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  1. Tiffany

    would the o-rings be the same size as for corny keg posts?

  2. No these orings are 1/2 inch and 100% silicone rated for high temps. The Corny keg rings are a little smaller than these, and certainly not as thick. I have found them before as single O-rings at my LHBS before. So maybe you can find them in smaller packs than 50/per.

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