I brewed a NEIPA a few weeks ago using a pound of Southern Passion hops. There are on sale and I decided to use them, all of them, in a 5 gallon batch. The resulting beer was good but I thought it could be improved. Taking that thought and connecting it to an experiment with Cryo hops and you have the results discussed in this post. Learn more about my dry hopping with Amarillo Cryo Hops!

What Did I Do?

With the beer in my keg and carbonated, I emptied the contents into my fine-mesh nylon bag that I soaked in a Star-San solution. Knowing that the bag would just float on the top of the bag, I needed something to weigh it down.

I couldn’t find any marbles, my weight of choice, so I got a fork out of the drawer, sanitized it, and dropped it in the bag.

In the video, we’re tasting the newly enhanced beer compared with a bottle of the original beer that I packaged before I added the hops to the keg.

Mike seemed to like the original beer and I liked the newer version better. They both had their merits but the hop punch in the new one sold me.

Thanks for reading. Have fun with beer out there. BREW ON!