I like American Wheat ales. There, I typed it. Let’s all watch this video together and learn about my version of this classic style.

Tasting Notes

The grain bill on this beer was 5 pounds of white wheat malt along with 5 pounds of 2-row American Pale malt from Rahr. I added a pound of flaked oats to get that silky mouthfeel. With some Centennial hops and 2 packet of Wyeast 1010 yeast, this beer ingredient list was complete.

The beer has a yeast note on the nose along with a soft malt aroma. The flavor was quite soft and clean. It came off as a refreshing beer. The hop presence was low and if I were to brew it again, I would add more of a bittering charge. I should have added an ounce to an ounce and a half to the beginning of the boil rather than the small amount I did add.

Classic beer styles are worth exploring. Don’t stop experimenting. Brew ON!