Mike goes nuts (well, sorta nuts) and is all proud about following a brewing method that has been in practices for several years now. Since this hobby is all about learning new things, we sit down and discuss his first time brew in a bag (BIAB) session and the outcome, a nice crisp Kölsch:

What Did We Learn?

Mike has been been wanting to try out BIAB for quite some time now. Again, this method has been in practice for many years now. He saw it as a cool way to try something new and keep the hobby fresh for him. He is also very interested in the details of how BIAB works scientifically. He wants to get into tracking the numbers and making sense of all of the BIAB folklore.

This week, we sample his first batch, as small batch, of BIAB Kölsch. It is a great style and an easy drinking beer. It’s a good beer to make this time of year (late winter) to take advantage of cooler fermentation temperatures.

We both found this beer to be a pretty good example of the style. He only used Pilsber malt for this recipe, but he’s thinking of using a little bit of Vienna or Munich in the grist next time.

We discuss in this video 3 or 4 observations Mike made during his first BIAB session. Hope you enjoy the video.

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