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Apollo Hops

Apollo hops are a variety that seem to be part of a newly cultivated group of high alpha acid hops.  It is the common name of the hop plant known as 01051.  The percentages I have seen on the web attributed to Apollo hops were in the double digits.  Although I found some information about the hops, none of the big homebrewing supply stores had any Apollo hops available. Although it was cultivated in 2000, I find it weird that it is not readily available.  It’s not that the big homebrewing shops don’t have it in stock, they don’t have a profile page for Apollo hops at all.  Hope that changes. Maybe as the years go on, this variety will be more available to homebrewers. 


As of 2011, this variety is more available in homebrew shops. It’s a monster of a bittering hop. Although related to Bravo hops, this variety is one bad mother.

Origin: Golden Gate Roza Hop Ranches in Prosser, Washington (USA). Released for sale by Hopsteiner in 2006.

Aroma: Citrus notes, emphasis on orange, resiny, spicey

Alpha Acid: Between 18 and 21%

Typical Usage: Bittering

Beer Styles: Big experimental beers, any variety where hops should be showcased.  American Ales.


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  1. John G

    Dear sirs, i am a small brewer in the UK and i am looking for some Apollo hops i wonder if you could help me, Regards John G.

  2. I haven’t seen any at my local brew shop. I will keep an eye out for them online.

  3. John G

    Hi to any other brewers out there,as anyone got any Apollo Hops to spare i could purchase.Yours in anticipation John G

  4. Chris

    I have a few extra ounces of Apollo. I have used them in IPA’s recently and they were excellent. Let me know if you are interested, as I over bought.

  5. james

    Check out hops direct for some Apollo hops.


  6. Zeke 2A

    You can get Aploo’s here : http://www.rebelbrewer.com/shoppingcart/categories/Brewing-Ingredients/Hops/Pellet-Hops/

    Good bittering hop , I have used it once with great sucess.

  7. Peter

    Hops Direct normally have Apollo hops
    Also many other types of domestic and imported hops though the more popular ones sell out quickly so it pays to buy in bulk when the new season hops arrive.

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