I was looking at hop varieties that people were searching for on our site and there was one variety that had a good number of queries but we hadn’t written a post yet.

Today, I bring you a post on Bravo Hops!

Developed by the Hopsteiner Breeding Program along with Apollo hops, this variety was bred from Zeus hops and a couple of unnamed hop variety.

This variety was used prominently during the hops “crisis” a few years back.   They are another one of these high alpha acid US hop variety.


Origin: USA – Released in 2006.

Aroma: Pleasant, aromatic.  I am guessing that means they don’t have any strong aroma that can be defined as anything but “hoppy.”

Alpha Acid: 14 to 17%

Typical Usage:  Bittering – it’s a clean bittering.  Smooth.

Beer Styles: American Ale and Strong German lagers.