Belgian Tripel Recipe

Here is the recipe I plan on using for the Belgian Tripel this weekend.

Anticipated OG: 1090
Anticipated IBU: 32

18.5 lb German Pilsner Malt
1 lb Vienna Malt
1.5 lb Light Belgian Candi Sugar

1.5oz Tettnanger (4.5%AA) 60min
1.0oz Saaz (3.75%AA) 30min
0.5oz Saaz (3.75%AA) 15min

Mash: 145F for 90 minutes, (max out the fermentability).
Yeast: depending on availability, in order of preference WLP530, WLP500, WLP550.
WLP530 (Abbey Ale) is supposed to result in complex esters but be a little cleaner than the WLP500 (Trappist Ale).
WLP530 is also supposedly the famous strain from Westmalle, a classic example of the style.