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Corona Grain Mill

I just wanted to put a post up stating for the record that I own a Corona Grail mill.  I know, I know.  Many folks knock this mill for many reasons: shreds grain instead of crush, poor adjustability, hand crank is not motorized.

Well, let it be known here to all that this mill works just fine for the budget brewer.  I have used the mill as is, without modification for years (at least the last 7 years) and it performs just fine.  I have used it for upwards of 25 plus pounds of grain before.  I have it dialed in just fine, and I don’t require much tweaking of the milling plate.  However, I have it setup so that with just a couple turns of the wing nuts I can easily increase or decrease the crush on the fly if necessary (which I only find required when I am using wheat malt).

Would I like a roller style mill with a motor?  Sure.  But I own a Corona mill and I make great beer with it.  My standard efficiency is close to 80%.  Someday I’ll upgrade, but until then I’ll save my money for malt and more critical stuff.


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  1. hankus

    U speak so highly of your Corona..is it a true Corona brand?…any modifications by you?…motorized (if so what speed?)?…do u rum a few teste grains before each grind?…whzt changes for different size grains?

  2. My mill is a true Corona Mill. Has the “CORONA” stamped right in the side of it. I have not modified the mill at all, I make any adjustments I need using the stock wind nuts and adjusters.
    I have my mill mounted on the side of a work bench, so I don’t need to change the settings too often. I have noticed that when I crush malted wheat I need to loosen it up a bit. The wheat seems to be a harder grain and it tends to pack in tighet than barly. By loosening it up a bit I get a better crush and less powder.
    For every milling session, I fill the hopper and start cranking. I give the crushed grain a quick check after I have a cup or so in by catch bucket. If I need to I just tighten or loosen the side wing nuts. I rarely mess with the large adjustment knob in the center.
    My mill isn’t motorized, but I have seen them motorized. The easiest way to do it is to remove the bolt and that holds the handle on, remove the handle (of course). Then find a replacement bolt that matches the same thread pattern as the handle bolt. If you get a botl with a small sqaure head that is less that 1/2, then you can insert the bolt in to the auger, and tighten the chuck of a drill onto the square headed bolt end, off you go with a drill motorized Corona Mill. If you can get a bolt that will fit in your drill, you can just zip off the head of the bolt after you install it in the auger. Then just tighten the drills chuck onto the end of the threaded bolt.
    I hope that answers your questions, reply back if you need more info.

  3. Bruce

    You can always use a socket adapter (for drills:-) and appropriately sized socket to fit whatever size bolt you are using to drive your Corona. About $5 and available at any hardware store. No hacksawing or swearing involved!

  4. Bruce

    Ohh and my Corona works excellent too, just gotta be mindful of the adjustments. I don’t use the center bolt/plate tensioner either, just the wingnuts.

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