Northern Brewer Hops

The hop profile series continues with an examination of Northern Brewer hops.  The Brew Dudes have used these hops in pre-packaged recipe kits but never took the time to learn more about them.  Come with us as we learn more about Northern Brewer hops.

Origin: All sources state that this variety was bred in 1934 in England.  It is a hybrid of English and American varieties.  There is some confusion on which country’s hop was the daddy…

Aroma: Some descriptors included: Medium-strong with some wild tones (which means nothing to me), woody with evergreen and mint overtones, Ted said: mild or very soft citrus and fruity quality.

Alpha Acid: Between 6.6 – 8.0% 

Typical Usage: It was made for a dual purpose of both bittering and flavoring.  I think typically it is used as bittering.  Northern Brewer hops are the signature variety in Anchor Steam, so if you were to make a California Common beer you may want to use them.  I think they can be used in all types of English ales.  We posted a brown porter recipe that calls for them.

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