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2008 Maine Brewers Festival

It’s coming up in a few weeks…the 2008 Main Brewers Festival.  The Brew Dudes have been going to it since 1999.  It’s a great time.   I think it might be sold out, but you can check here to be sure.

Maine Brewers Festival

Last year, we had a good time.  Take a look at the recap we made last year.

This year, we plan to twitter from the event.   That should be fun (ultra-geeky fun).  We will be posting stuff from the fest, so if you can’t go…we’ll let you know how it is.

I am sure the typing will get less intelligible as time goes on.  🙂

 2008 Maine Brewers Festival


Growing Hops


Northern Brewer Hops

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  1. DT

    The wife and I will be there. Hopefully it’s a good time! We’re going to hit up Espo’s afterwards…mmm…

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