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Mosaic Hops

Another hop profile for you to get to know before you buy your next new hop variety.

Here is the Mosaic hops profile.

They are a trademarked variety from the Hop Breeding Company, LLC of Yakima, WA. Before they were branded they were known and maybe still known as HBC369.

The parentage of this hop is Simcoe (YCR 14) and a Nugget derived male.

These hops were made available after the 2012 harvest and are just getting some play in homebrewing and craft brewing circles.

These hops have a complex, fruity aroma and flavor. There seems to be a lot going on with them. One source claimed they were Citra on steroids.

Origin: USA

Aroma: Mango, citrus, lemon, pine. Stan Hieronymus states “notably, blueberry” in his book.

Alpha Acid: 11.5-13.5%

Typical Usage: Source claim this hop is a triple threat: Bittering, Flavor, and Aroma. It might be interesting to brew a single hop beer with these. I think I would use these as flavor/aroma addition along with some Magnum hops for the bittering.

Beer Styles: So far – IPA, APA, and American wheat ales


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  1. Mark Goodwin

    Awesome hop – loads of flavour and character

  2. We agree – thanks for the comment!

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